Why Reedeeng?


Branding and copy right are a funny thing to me. One comes very naturally and the other is something I have struggled with all my life. Copy right being the hard of the two for me is an interesting one and is also something that lends itself hand in hand when it comes to branding and identity of a company/organisation or whatever else.

I decided to name the brand Reedeeng, as I feel it explains the awareness I am trying to create around dyslexia. This awaresness is that reading can be a struggle for those people with dyslexia or learning difficulties but this doesn't not mean that we can't do great things, after all some of the biggest achieves to ever walk this planet have been dyslexic. My favourite of which is Albert Einsiten, I'd lie to just reflect and talk about that he did because for me its not just about the things he achieved, its the way in which he did these things. He was creative with numbers.