A little about me and my book.

Like Einstein mentioned, people shouldn't be judged on the things in life that they are not so good at. They should be judged by the things they are great at.

Reading is a fundamental tool humans have that communicates anything and everything. It ranges from helping us record our findings, so we can pass on information from generation to generation, to a simple text message from our family or friend.

I graduated from University of Portsmouth having studied graphic design. I am now a freelance graphic designer with a huge passion for typography and its effects on us. I created the book by combining my typographic design experience and knowledge of struggling with dyslexia in the hope that people like myself would benefit from being better understood. Whether that be at home, in school or in a place of work.

What's noticeable is that there is a wealth of information aimed at people with dyslexia. Information to help them overcome it, but virtually nothing for non dyslexic people to understand the struggle. The books aims are to provide the reader with a beautiful, design led experience of what that struggle feels like.

Enjoy thumbing through the pages of this book with your favourite cup of coffee. Dyslexic or not you can savour the books beautiful typographic theories that I hope will give you a completely different outlook on reading.

Put it on your coffee table, stack it on your bookshelf or pass it on to a friend. If five people pick up the book in its lifetime, chances are that one of those five will impact positively on another persons life as a result. Whether they know it or not.